Sigh… A long weekend just passed me like it never happened… And I’ve also missed the Halloween celebrations in Clarke Quay on Saturday *Totally forgot about Halloween till the pictures are being posted around in Facebook.*

The only shots I got from last weekend was from this Da:ns event which was held in Esplanade till yesterday (28th Oct) and I did not shoot alot…. Actually, I headed down to Esplanade not knowing what will I be shooting or any sorts of info about what events is going on in this area…

*Just wanted to get out of the house and get some fresh air outside… and wasting some time out there*

I think I’ll just share this 2 shots from the Da:ns event for this post… The rest of those shots are one of those that I wished I should have just sit down and watch the dance… or even sit in a cafe and enjoy the breeze..

Export - IMG_6368

Export - IMG_6314



Just letting it out
Not sure if anyone of you guys out there have the feeling of
– Not wanting to do anything for the weekend and
– Not wanting to sleep the whole weekend out too
– Nothing interests you to do anything
– Not sure what to do to kill the time…

That’s probably how I felt for the past 2 weeks. I guess this is one of the “down” period which I experience once a blue moon…

Hope I can recover from this down period soon so that I can attend the next couple of events planned for November!

3rd Nov – Canon Photomarathon
9-12th Nov – AFA12!! I got the tickets for one of the concert!! *kinda excited… just that little, hope I can get more energy when the date draws nearer*
24th Nov – Garena Carvinal.

I think I should get some early rest for the night (11:26pm GMT +8:00)