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Headed down to the opera stage immediately after my stay home weekend 😀 Revisited their backstage on Monday…

Some shots to share 🙂 *Hands getting itchy after a no-shoot weekend*

Making up for the show…

Export - IMG_5870

While some parts of the face does not need very fine “painting”, but it’s the fine details that brings out the beauty of these performers

Export - IMG_5845Carefully drawing the eyeliner

Export - IMG_5853Drawing the eyebrows…

Export - IMG_5859

Export - IMG_5884

Export - IMG_5888

Export - IMG_5927After the make-up, the next biggest thing is the hairdo. While most of the performers wear wigs, but special care is needed to really make it look like it’s natural.

The Chinese Opera LIVE Sound System

Well, probably not quite what you seen in those big rock concerts or in any theatre… The music for the show is played by these folks here LIVE… and with some help from modern technology to amplify the sound (aka. Microphone & Speakers)

Export - IMG_5906The musical instrument in use here is the Erhu (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erhu). It’s an instrument rarely seen in Singapore (probably, or at least to me…)

Export - IMG_5908This is the Guqin (古琴, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guqin). Also another traditional musical instrument.

Personally, I find that the above mentioned musical instrument’s sound very unique and can’t be replicated with any of the modern musical instrument… (unless those instruments are evolved from these instruments)

Ready, Camera, Action!

I wasn’t able to get much decent shots for the performance, as I was in a sortof weird position… The below 2 is all I got for the evening show..
Export - IMG_6025

Export - IMG_6028

Export - IMG_6030If you noticed the lighted boards with chinese characters, those are the Chinese “subtitles” for the show. Because what the performers are singing on the stage is in Chnese dialect (e.g. Teochew, Hokkien etc). I guess this is for the benefit for the younger generation like me who know nearly nuts about this dialect…. Sadly, dialects languages are dying off (at least in Singapore) as in the modern society does not speak these dialect unlike the past. And even if we do, usually it’s for communication with the older generation (Those born in the 40s or earlier)…

Well, anyway, this is all I got from the Monday Night shooting….Not sure what will be coming up for my next shooting… May be a sunrise attempt again…

“Stay Tuned”