Another weekend has passed….But the weekend that passed is also the week where believers/devotees of Taoism hold a ceremony to invoke and welcome the nine emperors (Jiǔ Huáng Xīng Jūn / Jiǔ Huáng Da Di (九皇星君/九皇大帝). Usually the ceremony is held on the eve of the 8th Lunar month. But this temple that I’ve visited does it a week before the “actual day”.

*Actually I’ve only know of this festival and the venue that this event is taking place thanks to a photography friend I’ve get to know during the Crossing Bridges 9*

The ceremony will take place near the waters (sea-shore, rivers, etc) as it’s believed that the gods will arrive via waterways.
Export - IMG_5466The gathering of the crowds near the Sea @ Marine Parade

Export - IMG_5472

Export - IMG_5474

Export - IMG_5489
Taoist reciting the chants for the ceremony

Export - IMG_5493
Lighting of the incense sticks and offerings

Export - IMG_5513
After receiving the God and coming out of the water… *I didn’t manage to get a nice one when they were in the water… They walked into the waters up to waist-chest level then perform a small ritual to invite the Gods down then return back to shore.*

Export - IMG_5577
Devotees waiting back at the Temple where the Gods will be invited into.

On the 9th of the Lunar 9th Month, there will also be a large scale ceremony like this one to send the deities back home. *Not sure If I will be (or able to) attending that ceremony during then, as it may happen on a weekday (Tues), as the event can end late to past 11pm or later…*

For more info on the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, visit the Wikipedia link here!

I heard there is another same festival going on this coming Sunday, I may drop by there to take a look…

Until then 🙂