Planned trip on weekday to visit Clarke Quay last week end up a failure, due to heavy rain on both planned days… And Friday was the start of the Moonfest event that took place in Esplanade over 3 nights (28th, 29th, 30th Oct). But I was there only on Friday as there are other activities that took place during the weekend too…

*On Saturday, there was this event called: Candle Night and it sounds interesting, While Sunday is my nephew’s 1st birthday dinner “party”*

Many events were going on at the same time during the moonfest event. And of which what interests me was the Chinese Opera… I haven’t been to one for many years. And I thought it will be interesting to watch one again..

Below are some of the shots for the event…

Export - IMG_4743
The Event Stage… This stage is alot more modernized as compared to the past. In the past, these stages are built using wooded logs and planks instead of metal pipes and planks. And there aren’t any LED TVs showing subtitles of what the performers are singing either… This is also for the benefit for people who don’t understand the dialect the singers used. *Also, I was told, in more traditional stages, Tungsten lights are used instead of Spot lights..*

Export - IMG_4727
On The Stage

Export - IMG_4770
Close up of how one of the performer looks like… These performers can also spend quite abit of time behind the stage to put on the makeups and to do up the hair…

Export - IMG_4902
Some “fighting” scenes…

It was quite a different experience as compared to watching a concert from the floor…Maybe it’s because it’s a looooong time since I last “saw” something like this, and this is my first time watching it properly rather than watching my mother watch a video of these kind of shows :p