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Candle Night is a one night event organized by “Singapore Lighting Detectives” in front of Merlion Park (Singapore). But in short, it’s a night event and the lanterns and other handicrafts will lit up using (mainly) candles.

Export - IMG_4995All are welcomed to design the lanterns

Export - IMG_5017
A kid playing with his Pikachu lantern…

Export - IMG_5027As the skies turns dark, the Candle Lit Lanterns starts to show it’s night beauty *Thou not beautifully represented by my amateurish shot*

Export - IMG_5034
A sneak shot of a member of the event organizing team who is trying to light up a candle….

Export - IMG_5036
Another candle lit shot… But this time, Children

Export - IMG_5058

Export - IMG_5059

Export - IMG_5060

Export - IMG_5064
A Child “inspecting” works done by other people

Export - IMG_5114
A shot from the top – A member trying to light up a candle that flames got blown out by the strong winds in the area.

This is my first time shooting Candle Night.. It seems that this isn’t the first time that this was organized…But I hope to be able to attend the next one if it’s held again next year..

Shooting this event reminds me of how I shot the Night Festival a couple of weeks back… Shooting with only ambient light in a very low light environment. This area is mainly lighted with only Candles and “LED” Candles. The restaurants surrounding this place have dimmed down their lights specially for this event too…

This only mean, to use an external Orange LED light (not white ones, as orange will be able to make it more natural) or to shoot at high ISO. Since I don’t own a LED light, I have to bump my ISO to 1600-3200 even at f2.8…

When the ISO goes >1600, all the poison starts coming back again…. The Full Frame Camera…

I’m still trying hard to resist the temptation, but not sure how long I can hold… Hopefully long enough for my bank account to recover from the damage I’ve received from the 70-200…

Currently still trying to find some events to fill up my empty weekend….

Until then…