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Coming this Sunday, it will be the Lantern Festival (aka Mooncake Festival). Celebrations for this event have been going on 2 weeks before the actual event and will end 1 week after the actual day.

There are a couple of locations in Singapore that lanterns and displays are put up for celebrations. Some locations includes Chinatown, Clarke Quay and the other is in Chinese Garden. The location which I visited a couple of days ago (Sunday) was Chinese Garden. I’m planning to make a trip down probably in the next couple of days to Clarke Quay afterwork… (I rarely go photoshooting after work.. But due to lack of time this weekend, will have to do it this weekend.)

Over at Chinese Garden, the first thing you have to do, is to buy the tickets =.= It costs $8 for children, $10 for passion card members, and $12 to the rest…

The main attractions will be some performances (Singing and Acrobatics) performed by artistes from China starting from 8pm ~ 8.45pm. There is also a small scale fireworks being set off at 9pm which lasts for ~5mins..

Export - IMG_4281
Lanterns in display..

Export - IMG_4278
Other types of lanterns..

Export - IMG_4305
One of the Singers in the event… The performances are all shot using my new favourite 70-200 f2.8.

Export - IMG_4380
Another one of the acrobats.

Export - IMG_4456
Another acrobat… Playing with umbrella…

Export - IMG_4408
A male acrobat, playing with fire on his head..

Export - IMG_4498
Fire Spiting Performance..

Export - IMG_4515
Ending off with the fireworks…. Nothing spectacular as compared to the National Day Parade Fireworks. I was also quite late in getting into position for shooting fireworks. *Left about 5 mins to set things up after we got an “empty” spot*


I could have done better for the performance shots, quite many shots are deleted due to handshake (not movement blur)… But at least now I know that my handheld shutter speed for 70-200 is way lesser than what I can shoot on my 55-250…I used to be shooting 1/200s on my 55-250, but now, I have to do it on 1/400 on my 70-200.. Need mental note somewhere to make sure this doesn’t happen the next time I shoot events.

As for the fireworks, should have scouted the area before the event started… by probably scouting the place earlier than to reach Chinese Garden around 7.20pm to start walking and shooting around. Spent the precious 10mins after the performance to travel to the fireworks location to find a location for the fireworks…

Oh well, have to wait for next year’s Lantern Festival before that happens… But depending on the events that are planned next year, I may or may not go back  there again… If I ever go back there again, it will probably be for the performances rather than the lighting displays…. I kind of find last year’s displays better than this year’s…

Really looking forward to the Clarke Quay trip coming…