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Been away for sometime… I was busy preparing for my brother’s wedding last week. Now that it’s over, I have some free time to myself…

Bringing my 70-200 for a walk, I visited a short event at Goodwood Park Hotel (11am to 1pm). Where there are about 50 Pirelli F1 Car (Porsche) and a couple of Grid Girls (4 to be exact…)

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Export - IMG_4084

Didn’t have much time and space to move around when the cars arrived… There isn’t also alot of space to shoot when the cars parked… So instead, most of the photographers go grid girls shooting..

*Cars isn’t really the main subject for most people there…*

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Export - IMG_4140

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Export - IMG_4181

Export - IMG_4191


Wasn’t able to get some decent shots of the other 2 grid girls…. Largely to blame due to my negligence… Many of those are oof due to small DOF (only 1 eye in focus). And other shots are below what I considered average… Couldn’t get a better angle due to the large number of photographers.

I’m still VERY pleased with the 70-200 f2.8 IS II Lens I bought recently. But the f2.8 can be both a blessing and a curse.. Despite the sharp wide open performance at f2.8, I do lose DOF.. More than a couple of shots have only one eye in focus while the other one is oof.. Still trying to learn how to use large aperture telephoto zooms. *I realized that wide angle’s f2.8 is pretty lenient compared to telephoto’s f2.8, I get more DOF on wide angle…*

Will see how I can use this lens in the next couple of shoots. Maybe some public performance events.


*Haven’t got the mood to go landscape shooting recently. Mainly due to the bad foggy weather that haunt Singapore in the recent weeks.*