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Last week, I was away for a trip in Kuala Lumpur for this event “Crossing Bridges”. This year, it’s the 9th year that this event is being held. And this time round, it’s held in KL. (For me, it’s my first time joining this event.)

This event is a joint nation event of photography clubs from various parts of Asia. Currently the countries includes Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and South Korea. Still hoping to have more countries to join in to this event.

This event is basically a photography trip…. to take photos of course. But more importantly, to network with other photographers (be it professional, newbies or hobbyist). Last but not least, to have fun together 🙂

Along the trip, we visited various parts of KL. That includes the Pudu Market, Pangkor Island, Kellie’s Castle, Charcoal Factory etc. And on the last day, we attended the Malaysia’s National Day Parade which is almost right outside the hotel.

Below are some of the shots I’ve taken during the trip.. For the full set of images, visit my Flickr photostream here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yukuang/sets/72157631384543572/

Pudu Market
Export - IMG_1177

Tin Dredge
Export - IMG_1724

“Palace” Ground
Export - IMG_1788

Charcoal Factory
Export - IMG_1956

Drying Ikan Billis
Export - IMG_2154

Sunrise @ Pangkor Island
Export - IMG_2324

Export - IMG_2347

The Streets during the National Parade
Export - IMG_2675


I really enjoyed this trip not only because the places we visit were great, but also with the hell lot of fun people around! They really made the event very lively and fun. Not forgetting the experience/stories they share with us. The stores and experience doesn’t have to be photography related. It can be from their course of work or their daily life and other sorts. Frankly speaking, I find it really interesting to hear their stories as our backgrounds differs (different countries…) and our perspective to things differs too.. Which makes great conversation topics :p

I’ve learnt quite abit from these (big) group of people throughout the trip. And if there is another chance to go for this event again, I would definitely signup for it…