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A continuation from the previous post: https://ykgoh.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/night-festival-2012/

The 2nd Weekend of Night Festival 2012 (31st Aug, 1st Sep).. This time round, we have a couple of action activity going on…But of which, I was only interested in 2 of it…

*Although there are more in the event. But there is simply too much crowd to really enjoy the show…*

The first show I attended is named: Mylar

A translucent 15 metre pool suspended high overhead will slowly descend to fingertip level. Coloured lights imbue the scene with ever-changing hues and tints as a rippling puddle of water ceaselessly sloshes across the pool’s see-through bottom. Four dancers slip and slide in rapturous motion inches above your heads. A sensuous, unearthly, nearly hallucinatory experience.

Quoted from http://www.nhb.gov.sg

Export - IMG_2846

Export - IMG_2851

Export - IMG_2858

Export - IMG_2878

Coming close to you….as the translucent pool descends..

Export - IMG_2895

Export - IMG_2911

It’s really a wonderful show which no pictures I shot can do justice for the wonderful display put up by the Argentina dancers.

Right after this show, I have to make way to another street in Bras Basah to watch the other show I was interested in…: La Argentina feat. The Analog Girl | Kiat | Dharni | Bloco Singapura

Another quote from NHB

A crane holds aloft a dancer of athletic proportions while musicians pound and strum on a variety of exotic instruments. This scene brings you to Buenos Aires in 2010, during the celebration of the Bicentenary of the Argentinean Independence. Over a million people filled the streets of Buenos Aires in joyful festivities.

Some of the shots taken during this show…
Export - IMG_2967

Export - IMG_2978

Export - IMG_3016

Export - IMG_3067

Other than this dancer, I wasn’t able to catch anything else…As all other dancers and displays are covered by the crowd…

Right after the show, I tried to go to other exhibits…but there is simply too much crowd to go into the Museum or visit other events going on at the same time..So I went straight home…thus ending my first time attending the Night Festival 2012.

My After thoughts of shooting at the event

Well, crowds are expected….but, I didn’t expect this much crowd that you have to shove your way even to the nearest exit point. As compared to the previous weekend, the crowds is easily 10 times more.. But I realized why there was alot more crowds after I reached home…I saw the morning newspaper’s headlines news advertising for the night festival -_-“‘ *I went straight to bed after touchdown in Singapore…slept only 2 hours the previous night, therefore didn’t read the morning news*

Also because of the event (and the photo shooting trip), I’ve finally came to a conclusion that my current gears aren’t good enough for many of the things I want to capture in low light events like the Night Festival or some indoor events. I would very likely be looking into upgrading to a Full Frame camera (Canon EOS 5D mark III) soon. The 70-200 f2.8L IS lens would have to wait for now….It’s simply too much to buy the camera and the 70-200 together as I don’t have the budget for both.. But if I ever need the lens, I would consider renting it. It will be until I have the budget for it.

One could say that I got “poisoned” during my photo shooting trip to upgrade to a full frame camera. But I can only say that, I got too frustrated during the post processing phase to see soooo much details lost due to High ISO Noise, High Noise Reduction and Low contrasts pictures due to the lens (also not forgetting many other factors which adds to the frustration)

I would think that in a few weeks time, I would have picked up the new camera..

*Sorry for the bit of complaining on the equipment, just need to vent it out….*