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Well, today seems to be a gloomy day… Didn’t get a chance to even see the sun today… Frankly speaking, I hate going out for a photoshoot during these kind of weather. As the mentality I have is always “There isn’t any Interesting Light” or “There isn’t enough light”.

But somehow, for some reason, I just wanted to challenge myself for today to go out in this weather condition to see what good I can make out these “uninteresting” light.

For many reasons, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about this walk (mainly due to the bad lighting, It makes me want to sleep -_-“‘), but also because of this, I got the chance to really slow down my usual pace of “shoot and go”.

Below are just a couple of shots I got from this stroll in the nearby park (Bishan Park)..

Gloomy Days

*Probably best represent my mental state at that moment, “Gloomy”*

Export - IMG_0561

*I was thinking of Chinese Calligraphy Painting/ Ink Painting when I took this shot*


I hope to get a better light for my next shoot… Still hate gloomy days…