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Yesterday, I’ve returned to the garden (Garden by the Bay) during evening time. Although armed with a couple of lenses, but end up using only my 10-22 with my 10 stop ND filter.

Supertree Grove

Exposure at 1:50min. I was hoping for more wind and clouds during the Sunset timing to make the scene more dramatic… but, well, too bad…Will have to return there again another time. This is my first time doing exposure beyond a minute and I really liked the smooth skies it gave me..

Actually, I was there for an event held in the Garden by the Bay. It’s the Garden Rhapsody. This event will be held every night from 13 August 2012 – 19 August 2012.

*Previously stated on the website was 4th to 12th August -_-*

Not to be missed is this signature nightly display of magical lights and music amid the giant Supertrees.

*Description from the http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg*

If you are here in Singapore (or located in Singapore) and have yet to visit this event, please do visit it. Watching it on video can’t give you the “feeling” on the ground.. *Just like attending a live band vs watching MTVs from Youtube*

And for those who are not able to visit this place during this period, I’ve uploaded a video of this event which can be viewed on Vimeo: http://player.vimeo.com/video/47383949

After the show, I was walking about the “trees” before I return home…So, this is what I got…

*Fisheye effect added during Post Processing.. (at the moment) Still not able to justify buying a Fisheye lens*

Shortly after that, I left the Garden, but while, crossing the bridge at the exit, I took  my last shot before putting my camera away and head home..
Marina Bay Sands

Not sure when will I be returning to this place again. Probably the next time, I will be visiting the Garden Dome within the Garden by the Bay. Which I heard is quite a beautiful place in the Blue hour.

Till then, happy shooting!