Garden Dome by SkyStrike
Garden Dome, a photo by SkyStrike on Flickr.

The garden I walked this morning (not too early, about 8am), isn’t the one by the neighbourhood park…But one in the middle of the city. Marina Bay Sands – Garden by the Bay.

This place was officially launched last month. But due to the crowd (as expected from a new attraction), I’ve postponed my trip till now…

Well, actually I’ve visited this place last November, when most of the areas was still under construction. The garden was opened to the public for a preview of the place.

But having visited this place last year and re-visiting it again this morning, I would say that nothing much have changed…other than the completion of the Supertrees, and lesser flowers along the way (probably these are newly planted). I would think It will take a couple more months for the flowers to bloom again. Probably just in time for Chinese New Year 2013 (somewhere in February).

Oh, if you are visiting this place, please be reminded to bring a cap and a water bottle along. There are very little shelter along the way in the Garden (other than the Dome itself), but there is a water dispenser at the dome where you can refill your bottle.

And if you are visiting the dome or the Supertrees observatories, please refer to the official website for admission fees (

I will most likely be returning to this place again for a night shoot, but can’t be sure when it will be…