Couple of hours ago, I’ve revisited Little India (but a different corner of the place) again with an online friend who is quite experienced with street photography.

Despite the scream in the heart to use my telephoto lens (55-250) to snipe the targets, I stuck on my 17-50 and walk the street with him.

He shared with me a couple of things about shooting street photography. Like, shooting a photo to tell a story of the subject, knowing the place well (so as to know which place have a good light exposure at certain timings), as well as some tricks to engage the person by making small talks. (E.g. Boss, today’s business looks good, or even remarks like, “Friend, your bike is cool!”)

But still there are other things to consider before engaging a person or a group. E.g. I don’t think many (if ANY) would approach a group of angry/irritated people and start the conversation.

But well, thank god that I don’t meet many angry group of people along the way…. And below are a couple of shots that I’ve captured today… *I’m still learning to convey a message thru pictures… It’s way harder than I think it would be…*

By the Road


– By the road side



– The barber.

Export - IMG_9395


– Locksmith