Well, to start things off, I seldom shoot the street, most of what I shoot are landscapes, events and some portraiture. My last street shoot was like a couple of months ago (https://ykgoh.wordpress.com/2012/05/04/the-50mm-street-photography/). It was kinda traumatising experience… even thou there isn’t anyone threatening me with knives and guns.

Recently, due to a pre-organized outing with a couple of forum met friends, I revisited this topic of Street Photography again. This time, instead of using a “unfamiliar” lens on an unfamiliar topic (Street Photography), I chose to bring my most commonly used lens (Sigma 17-50) out instead. *Trying to make myself as comfortable with my gear as possible*

This was the only lens I’ve brought along that day…

Like the previous time, it took me quite some time to ponder on the question whether should I bring up the camera and shoot at this? Questions that ran thru my mind was one whole bunch of “What If(s)”. Like “what if I offend the person, and something happens … ..”

*To sum it up, I was afraid…*

But after observing my group of friends go shooting, It almost seems like they did not mind at all. Or rather, I think, they got used to it… and had overcome it. After sometime, all seems to go separate ways….

*I’m all alone now…*

After seeing what they did, I decided to just throw the thoughts of “What If(s)” aside and just go shooting. It took quite abit of effort on the mind to “ignore” the stares from the people…

Below are some of the shots I’ve got that day…

Export - IMG_8780

*Trying to convince myself that this is a landscape with people staring/looing at me…*
Export - IMG_8821

*Trimming of flowers in the back alley*

Export - IMG_8774

*Unloading of tomatoes* Before I know it, I was there for more than a couple of minutes, reshooting the shot due to either over/under exposure..and the person seem to even ignored me already..

After a light “warm-up”, got alittle “braver”, decided to go abit closer to the subjects..

Export - IMG_8801

*And even closer* Actually, before this shot was taken, I’ve actually for the first time asked if I can take a photo of what he’s doing. And I was so happy that he gave a “Sure, Go ahead” answer. This was the only picture that I’ve took and not feel any “stares” from it.
Export - IMG_8797

*At the confectionery* I was trying to pull a quick one. By going straight into the shop, right behind the paying customers and just shoot. After the shot, I disappeared out of sight :p Kinda glad that the shot kinda turn out OK.


After the trip, I can’t say that I’ve got rid of the fear, but rather, I have start to accept a little bit of stares. Also learning that sometimes just asking won’t hurt. If the person does not want him/herself to be photographed, I will just walk away with a smile..

Still need lots of practice in this field of photography… until then…