On the Jet Plane by SkyStrike
On the Jet Plane, a photo by SkyStrike on Flickr.

It have been sometime since I’ve last posted. I was away for a short trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…but right after that, I was captured by Diablo 3 :p (that explains my disappearance for the last couple of weeks..)

I was unable to keep the game demon within it’s cage anymore…. Till, the server was down for maintenance for the night…

Anyway, I always like to sit by the window. Because there are many scenery out of the window. Especially so when the plane is not in the clouds 🙂

So, this is one of my shots I took on this flight from Singapore to KL. For this trip, I left my main camera EOS 500D at home bringing only the Samsung Galaxy SII phone. Thou there are shots which the camera phone does not do well, but if one knows how to workaround it, It can actually take quite decent shots too!