Road Stalls

I’ve never knew that going out with a prime lens can be so challenging…Especially so, with a lens which I’ve bought for sometime, but seldom used, the EF 50mm f1.8. This lens is used on my crop body EOS 500D.

The reason why I bought it, was more or less due to the contagious “Buy Buy Buy” (BBB) virus. It’s a virus that makes the infected person think that getting new gear will make his shots better…..

So, instead of leaving it in the dry cabinet, I’ve decided to bring it on trip down to my neighbourhood for a walk….Also at the same time, it’s my first time shooting “street” photography and with only a prime lens.

But never did I know that apart from knowing your equipment, building confidence level also plays a big part too…

I realized that I lack the confidence to walk to a position and point the camera at the person.. Even though I knew that this is a nice composition and the expressions of the person’s face is perfect etc.. But the fear of rejection or the fear of the person who know that you are shooting at him/her will come chasing after you is there… or rather this fear exists in my heart…

The feeling of not able to shoot not because of inadequate equipment, but because of the lack of confidence in myself.

Guess I will need to go out and shoot more to build up this confidence…and hope that one day, I could just shoot and not having to felt what I’ve felt today.