Going Home by SkyStrike
Going Home, a photo by SkyStrike on Flickr.

I went on a exploratory trip to Punggol (Singapore), a place which I’ve yet to explore just this afternoon. (Map: here).

The shooting trip started about 4pm (the sun was pretty nice to me, giving me nice blue sky, but at the same time burning me to crisp..)..

This particular place in Punggol is actually a Park. A project started by the Government linking the parks together (Park Connector Network, PCN). The stretch which I’ve covered today is the “River Side Walk”, which you will be walking along side Sungei Serangoon.

Along the path, you will see lalang plants which is not a common sight in Singapore (as many developed areas does not have large spaces for these kind of park). I’ve actually got quite excited when I first saw it -_-“” … But after walking along the park for 10mins, I begin to get sick of shooting it -.-

It was until much later when I reached the bridge linking the Punggol Park to Lorong Halus (Wetland reserves). This picture was taken on the bridge. The water in the river is relatively still and you could get a nice reflection of the bridge and/or the clouds/forest in the area.

Some time was spent in the Wetland reserves and by the time I was done with it, It’s nearing the Sunset hours (Golden Hour). I got to the places which I had made a mental note where the scenery is “OK” and started to return to those spots to start shooting the sunset. A recent landscape photography talk which I attended taught me “Just keep moving after you are done with the shot. 1-5 is enough”. With that in mind, I visited the spots which was scouted earlier and started to shoot and move from spot to spot. True enough, when I was processing the photos, I have more shots than if I were to stay in a place and keep shooting the same thing over and over again.

Initially, I wasn’t very confident of bringing my friends along with me for this trip as the weather can be very hot and may have no results (as I have no idea what this place have to offer), but after this trip, I will definitely be bringing my friends here as there are also alot more places which I wasn’t able to cover in a 3 hour shooting trip 🙂